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Variable Recurring Payments in 2023: Their untapped potential

This article explores the untapped potential of VRPs, and the regulatory issues governing their roll out in the UK today.

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Everything you need to know about payment gateways

What is a payment gateway? Is it the same with a payment processor? How does it work and how do I choose one for my online business?

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What is PSD3 and how will it change the face of open banking in the UK and Europe?

Learn about the upcoming changes to open banking in the UK and Europe as the European Commission revises the Payment Services Directive, introducing PSD3.

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AI and open banking: what does the future look like?

The world’s imagination has been captured by the promises of AI. In open banking and finance, could it be possible that AI will have something to bring such as enhancing customer experience and offering innovative financial solutions?

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What open banking can bring to ePOS and payment gateways providers

How ePOS and payment gateway providers can bring more smiles to their retailers and their retailers' customers with cardless payments via Citizen.

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Why the UK gambling reforms are an opportunity for gaming operators to adopt open banking technology

UK government outlined their expectations from operators to do more to understand and protect their consumers. Discover why there's never been a better time for operators to adopt open banking technology (like Citizen's instant cardless payments).

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How open banking is making alternative investments more accessible for brokers and investors

Investments in alternative assets, like wine and whisky, are growing in popularity. Discover how open banking is opening up this investment space for both brokers and investors alike.

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Refunds: a quick and easy guide for online retailers

Are you still confused about how refunds work? We are taking eCommerce's most popular payment types and explaining the refund process.

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How is open banking changing the eSports industry

Exploring ways in which tournament organizers and teams can monetise their audiences while removing payment challenges in the future with open banking

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How open banking payments are transforming the iGaming industry

With the iGaming industry booming, payments have become a vital part of the player experience. Citizen combines seamless pay-ins/ payouts and KYC in simple payment journeys, thanks to open banking technology.

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How will the metaverse change the way payments are made?

The metaverse represents a huge eCommerce opportunity set to transform the way we pay for goods and services. Here's how merchants can equip themselves for this new digital commerce landscape.

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How payments can increase customer conversion rate at checkout

How can retailers improve the payment experience for their online shop? In this blog post, we are giving 3 simple ways to convert more customers at checkout.

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How is open banking helping responsible gambling

Open banking is helping iGaming operators to protect vulnerable players. In this blog post, we analyse how open banking is bringing more transparency to the industry.

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Open finance vs open banking: are they the same thing?

What is open finance? In this blog post, we are simplifying open finance and explaining how it could potentially revolutionise the fintech market in the UK.

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What is the New Payments Architecture and what impact will it have?

New Payments Architecture: 8 answers to the most searched questions about the UK's latest payment project

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What is SCA and what does it mean for UK businesses?

We answer 7 questions on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and how it will affect UK businesses

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eCommerce payments | Cardless checkout for online retailers in 2022

How can cardless payments help online retailers skyrocket their shopper conversion at checkout in 2022?

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How can open banking payments help crowdfunding platforms?

This article explains how crowdfunding platforms could benefit more from open banking based services like Citizen for crowdfunders, rather than from cards.

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7 common questions about Variable Recurring Payments

The Citizen guide to Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs), including differences from direct debit and standing orders.

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Open Banking for crypto exchanges: closed-loop payments

How open banking financial services can benefit crypto exchanges

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Why are open banking payments an ideal replacement for cards?

Open banking is the future of payments. This article explains PSD2’s payments infrastructure & the advantages of account-to-account (A2A) transactions

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What is open banking?

A look at how open banking is transforming fintech in the EU & UK. Click here to learn more about open banking as well as its benefits.

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Accessing open banking: build, partner or product?🛠️🤝📦

This blog explains everything you need to know if your business is considering an open banking integration covering the process, costs and benefits

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The reign of the credit card

This page shows the history of the payments industry throughout the years, from sci-fi to the internet. Click to find out more.

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