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Citizen wins the Best Open Banking Payments Project award

Citizen announce they won the Best 'Open Banking Payments Project' Award in the Open Banking Expo Awards 2022

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PayBlox v2: An upgraded onboarding experience at Citizen

We have launched PayBlox v2. What does this mean for new and old customers?

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Citizen and the rise of account-to-account payments

A discussion on account-to-account payments and how they are changing the payments landscape in the UK

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What open banking can bring to ePoS and payment gateways providers (and their users…)

How EPOS and payment gateway providers can bring more smiles to their retailers and their retailers' customers with cardless payments via Citizen's PayBlox

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Lower your operational costs by automating payment reconciliation

See how the Citizen’s PayBlox platform can transform your month-end processes, all managed from one simple dashboard.

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The travel industry and payments: moving forward together in 2022

Travel services from agencies to airlines can use Citizen’s PayBlox platform to reduce expenditure and impress customers in 2022

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How can cryptocurrency exchanges benefit from Citizen’s PayBlox platform?

Improving deposits, withdrawals and payment attribution for crypto exchanges with Citizen's PayBlox.

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End-to-end payments for iGaming operators via Citizen’s PayBlox

The iGaming industry is booming. This article shows how Citizen's PayBlox platform has been tailored to the needs of the iGaming industry.

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Urban mobility, delivery services, and payments in 2022

Urban mobility is blossoming across the world. This article explains how new payment methods can drive success for urban mobility and on-demand services.

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