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Citizen launches on Worldline’s PaymentIQ

Citizen has launched on PaymentIQ which gives iGaming providers access to more than 45 card acquirers and 100 worldwide payment providers, like Citizen, with a one-time integration.

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Citizen and the rise of account-to-account payments

A discussion on account-to-account payments and how they are changing the payments landscape in the UK

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The travel industry and payments: moving forward together in 2022

Travel services from agencies to airlines can use Citizen’s PayBlox platform to reduce expenditure and impress customers in 2022

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How can cryptocurrency exchanges benefit from Citizen’s PayBlox platform?

Improving deposits, withdrawals and payment attribution for crypto exchanges with Citizen's PayBlox.

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End-to-end payments for iGaming operators via Citizen’s PayBlox

The iGaming industry is booming. This article shows how Citizen's PayBlox platform has been tailored to the needs of the iGaming industry.

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How can open banking payments help crowdfunding platforms?

This article explains how crowdfunding platforms could benefit more from open banking based services like Citizen for crowdfunders, rather than from cards.

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Urban mobility, delivery services, and payments in 2022

Urban mobility is blossoming across the world. This article explains how new payment methods can drive success for urban mobility and on-demand services.

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7 common questions about Variable Recurring Payments

The Citizen guide to Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs), including differences from direct debit and standing orders.

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Open Banking for crypto exchanges: closed-loop payments

How Open Banking financial services can benefit crypto exchanges

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Why are Open Banking payments an ideal replacement for cards?

Open Banking is the future of payments. This article explains PSD2’s payments infrastructure & the advantages of account-to-account (A2A) transactions

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Accessing Open Banking: build, partner or product?🛠️🤝📦

This blog explains everything you need to know if your business is considering an Open Banking integration covering the process, costs and benefits

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What is Open Banking?

A look at how Open Banking is transforming fintech in the EU & UK. Click here to learn more about Open Banking as well as its benefits.

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