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Metro Prepaid tenants use Citizen's instant cardless payments

Metro Prepaid provides electricity meters to landlords to be used by their tenants. This makes it much easier for both parties to manage their energy bills, and puts the tenant in direct control of their energy usage.

Topping up these meters is typically done by making a payment at a local supermarket or convenience store, and receiving a cash slip with a unique Metro Code in return. Where the payment is made online or by bank transfer, the Metro Code is sent back to the tenant by text message. Although there’s a wide range of payment options, many of them come with extra fees for the tenant, or delays between the time they make a payment and the electricity being switched back on. 

So Metro Prepaid were looking for a cost-effective payment solution that was widely accessible, easy to use, had low transaction costs, and offered instant reconciliation. And that’s where Citizen came in. 

In this short case study learn more about how Citizen’s instant cardless payments are used by Metro Prepaid’s tenants to ensure immediate energy top-ups, with no additional costs - providing an accessible and transparent means of managing their energy usage - vital for carbon reduction.

Download the case study here.

Citizen wins the Best Open Banking Payments Project award