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Why should I pay with Citizen?

In this article we explore the many reasons why you should use Citizen when you make a payment. Read on to find out why...

The world of online payments can be an overwhelming one at times. With a multitude of options at checkout, it can feel easier to just go with what you know and trust. But are we all missing a trick here? With increasingly complex online checkout processes, coupled with fraud levels that have skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic, there must be an easier, safer way to pay.

At Citizen, we’d argue that there is. We’re a cardless payment platform, started by former WorldPay CTO, James Neville. In the past few years, we’ve grown from a fledgling start-up to a competitive player in the payments space. Why is this? The simplicity and reliability of the platform for starters. We have a team dedicated to creating the best user experience, in order to - frankly - ensure you don’t have to give it a moment’s thought.

For the merchants that you’re spending your money with, we have a range of benefits including easy implementation, connection of payments and identity data (which means you can trust them and they can trust you) and super-competitive fees.  

But in this article, we’re exploring exactly why we, as consumers, should all pay with Citizen and what makes Citizen the payment platform for the future.

What is Citizen and how does it work?

To put it simply, Citizen is a cardless payment platform which, through the power of “open banking”, allows you to make a payment with something as simple as your humble mobile phone*. The open banking APIs connect with the bank that you use. This is automatically done and isn’t something that you’ll additionally need to set up. 

However, this is so much easier to understand once you’ve seen it in action:

This example uses a QR code:

Simple, isn’t it? 

Quick, simple and frictionless. That being said, there’s a lot that’s going on behind this process, so let’s break it down further.

Why should I pay with Citizen?

You don’t need a debit or credit card

Whether you’re sitting at home or out and about, you can pay anywhere that offers Citizen as an option, just by clicking on the link or by scanning the QR code. No card is required at any point in the process, so there’s no scrambling around looking for your card and there’s no risk of incorrectly inputting card details. 

This makes payments quick. 36x times faster than a card, in fact.

You don’t need a debit or credit card

Did you know there are at least 4 intermediaries in a typical card payment when you make a payment to a merchant? With Citizen your money goes from one account to another, cutting out the middlemen (and risk of interception). 

Moreover, as Citizen doesn’t store your card details, which means that there’s no risk of loss, hacking or fraud.


And since Citizen uses your bank's identification process, it further reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions. This is because the bank authentication process is one of the safest around, with numerous security measures and protocols in place to keep your details secure.

We’re making it worth your while…

However brilliant Citizen is, we know most of us will just use whatever payment method we’re used to. That’s why we’re going one step further. We’ll be announcing a very innovative rewards scheme very soon, so watch this space!

Pay With Citizen: Simplifying the way we pay

So, that’s Citizen in a nutshell. Hopefully, you’ll give us a try when you’re next shopping for trainers or groceries and you see our “C” logo. And if you can’t see us yet on your favourite websites, let us know and we’ll get in touch!

* Other devices are also available! You can pay through online banking via your web browser too, but mobile is by far the easiest way.

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