PayBlox platform

Better bank payments

Give customers an easier way to pay you, directly from their bank accounts.

Optimise your funds flow

Open a receiving account with us to manage inbound customer payments and ease reconciliation.


Make instant low-cost payouts, directly to your customer's bank accounts.

Get started quickly

Deploy Open Banking payments and account holder confirmation quickly and easily.

Full view of your payment landscape

A complete overview of all payments made to your business.



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Account verification

Try our account verification journey for yourself. Don't worry - we won't save your details.

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Verified Payments

Connect your account and make a 10p deposit.

Try a verified payment

Account verification

Try the account verification journey. Don't worry your details wont be saved.

Try account verification

Data-rich payments

Payment tokens can be configured to include a custom payload.

They can also be tagged with an internal ID for retrieval in the dashboard or via our API.

Payment requests

Use our Hosted Payments Page to send customers payment requests via any channel.

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Account holder confirmation

Give customers an easier way to prove account ownership.

Marketplace support

Marketplaces can easily offer Citizen to all of their merchant accounts in a single integration.

Reach more European customers

We're offering coverage of more countries as their banks release functional PSD2 APIs.

Account holder confirmation

Confirm the identities of account holders easily via Open Banking.

Submit a simple request for customers to approve just like one of our payments.

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